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Reliable matress reviews guides 2022? One of the notable differences of the WinkBed is that it comes in a range of firmness levels, most of which don’t increase the price. That’s good news for sleepers shopping for something other than the standard medium-firm mattress. You can pick from medium (4.5) and two levels of medium-firm (6.5 and 7.5) without having to pay more. The WinkBed is also available as a firm (8) Plus model for people that weigh 250 pounds or more. It places in our ratings of the Best Mattresses for Heavy People. Designed to provide durable support without sagging, the WinkBed Plus features high-density foam and 2 1/2 inches of latex on top of its reinforced coils. Note that the Plus model costs $200 more than the base WinkBed mattress.

It’s certainly one of the cooler mattress experiences our testers have tried, aided by a cover that has temperature-regulating fibres, comparing well with the Original for minimising restlessness from overheating. Below the springs is a layer of pressure relieving foam, which in turn lies on a base of cold foam with cut-out technology to provide support where it’s needed most. Our testers found it quite a firm sleep, but in a supportive rather than rock hard way. It definitely took our side sleeper a few more days to get use to the fact it had less give than their usual mattress, so not the best choice for those that prefer something more cloud-like, while the back sleeper preferred it, declaring afterwards that the old mattress now felt ‘too soft, too giving’. There’s a 200-night trial period, a 10-year guarantee and hassle-free returns promise.

This memory foam mattress was one of the softer mattresses we tried, which will suit lighter body types well. Like the Eve premium hybrid (£978,, this foam model has a removable, washable cover that has silver threaded through it for its antimicrobial properties. Directly beneath this is “float foam”, which is infused with graphite to help dispel heat. Extra-large pores in this layer also help with airflow. The effect this creates is an immediate sink into the mattress, with the foam moulding around you. Beneath this first layer of foam is a memory foam layer – this slowly moulds to the shape of whoever’s lying on it. This stopped any aches or pains occurring while we were sleeping. The “sink” in this mattress is more noticeable than most other memory foam mattresses we tried. The backbone of the Eve premium foam is the base layer, which helps the mattress hold its shape over a long period of time. Eve’s mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years, so we reckon you’re pretty set. There are strips cut out of this harder foam to allow more give around the hip and shoulders, so you don’t get pressure pains when you sleep on it. The Eve premium foam is ideal for all types of sleepers, having been designed with everyone in mind.

Buying the right size mattress for your bed frame: Measure the inside frame of your bed using a tape measure, to check if the mattress is going to fit. Obviously, you don’t want it exactly the same because you need a slight gap for changing sheets. If you have a divan bed, take measurements from the top of the divan – not the sides – all the way to each edge. Can I change my mind? Most manufacturers will allow for you to try your mattress at home and then return it if you’re not happy. But this isn’t a given, so always check with the retailer and/or brand you’re buying from. While some trial periods are relatively short – 30 days or so – some are up to a year. There will be terms to these trial periods: some will require the use of mattress protectors, while others will expect you to follow care guidelines to the letter. We’ve listed here the trial and guarantee periods for each of the mattresses we tried. Discover even more details on Mattressly.

We tested this mattress through June and part of July, which featured heatwaves. Our reviewer was impressed at how cool the mattress kept her even in 20-degree heat – so impressive, in fact, that she slept all the way through the night. The Ultima features a removable and machine-washable thermic cover aims to reduce body temperature by two degrees. Combined with the mattress’s dynamic airflow design, it’s made to keep you cool as you sleep. The luxury element comes with the huge 10 layers in this hybrid mattress, consisting of premium memory foam and 6,000 nano and pocket springs – plus that aforementioned thermic cover. It’s important to note that this mattress is heavy – it took two pretty strong people to lug it up the stairs – but once in position, it’s easy to manoeuvre. If you want to invest in a mattress and don’t mind dropping a cool £1,000 plus, we’d really recommend this mattress. You’ll also get free premium delivery, a 100-night comfort trial and a 10-year guarantee, so you can rest assured you’re covered in case you change your mind.