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Soft electric actuators production and automation company? Soft actuators include any number of actuation technologies (piezoelectric, pneumatic, shape-memory, etc.) that leverage soft or compliant components in their structure. Soft actuators can range from mostly rigid devices with flexible components to highly elastic structures, but their common goal is to improve the resilience and conformability of the soft robotic structures that they power. HASEL actuators are a subset of soft actuators that uses an electrohydraulic mechanism to drive shape change in a soft hydraulic structure. Peano-HASEL actuators are a specific type of HASEL actuator that demonstrates controllable linear contraction on activation, much like biological muscle; their name is a nod to the Peano fluidic actuators that served as an inspiration for their design. At Artimus, we do not differentiate between a HASEL actuator and a Peano-HASEL actuator, instead preferring to refer to our entire suite of devices as HASEL actuator technology.

Humans have only begun to explore the ocean as deep sea environments can be one of the most challenging to design and engineer technologies for. We provide actuator technologies that are capable of meeting the demands of ocean exploration. Currently, we offer custom engineered HASEL actuators to drop into your underwater solution. As our technology is electrically controlled, made of plastic, and contains no liquid, we offer smart, silent, and pressure agnostic actuators for your underwater application.

HASEL actuator force and displacement output is variable and highly controllable with an analog voltage signal. HASEL actuators are the first soft, electric actuators on the market. From defense to healthcare, we are ready to solve your automation challenges. Navigating small spaces. NASA has already shared its interest in soft robots to explore small spaces on other planets. Soft robots could be able to work their way into gaps between rocks or collect geological samples with more accuracy. On Earth, soft robots could help in earthquake (or other) disaster zones to access tight areas covered in rubble. See additional information on

HASEL actuators are made out of and utilize thin plastic films and liquids to achieve soft compliance. This allows for easy integration as the actuators can adopt and conform to their environment. Humans are overwhelmed by visual and auditory information. To increase the transmission of information between humans and machines, new physical inputs are crucial. From intelligent buttons, to haptic feedback, to reactive surfaces, new technologies are required that can enable new forms of physical input.

The development kit also includes an assortment of peripheral accessories to help you use HASEL actuators, such as a stand and weight to demo the actuators, a user manual, and a control program to operate the power supply. Artimus Robotics has a world-class team of soft robotics engineers ready to help you customize your HASEL actuators to meet the specific needs of your use case. If your application requires a unique form factor, functionality, physical performance, or more, please reach out to our engineering team as they can meet your needs with in-house integration. Find additional details on