Full Review of The JustCBD Mixed Fruit Vegan Gummies and CBD Gummies 750mg Jar

In this CBD review, I’ll be reviewing two of the most
favorited JustCBD products. These
include CBD Dragon
Fruit Vegan Gummies
(Net Weight 2.9 oz) with approximately 300 mg of CBD
per pouch and CBD
Gummies Jar
with around 750 mg of CBD per jar.

More and more people are moving towards the use of CBD as a
means to feel relaxed, focused, and to improve their mental and physical
health. Quite frankly, I’ve also grown fond of CBD primarily because of its
numerous health benefits.

Due to the vast usage of CBD, it has become a norm, and as
we all know, when there’s a demand, there’s a supply. Having said that, there
are numerous CBD brands in the United States. JustCBD is one of them, but to
stand out amongst other multiple brands, JustCBD has worked really hard to earn
its place. Featuring better and improved packaging and a better overall quality
of the end products, JustCBD is on top of the list of my personal favorites.

When the sales team of JustCBD reached out and sent me these
two products for review, I had a lot on my plate. But, I couldn’t just say no
to JustCBD, considering the fact that I had heard so many positive reviews
about the brand JustCBD. It got me really hyped up when they reached out and
asked for an honest review. But, before I continue with the review, I’d like to
share a few bits on the brand JustCBD.

The Brand JustCBD

JustCBD has been up and running since 2017. Since the very
first days of their launch, JustCBD has been providing quality and top-notch
products with all-natural ingredients to make sure you receive all of the
health benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol). It is one of the most favorited brands of
people around all of the US, primarily due to the fact that all of their
products are vegan and non-GMO.

Prior to the launch of each product, JustCBD conducts
thorough researches and tests to ensure their end product is ideal and in no
way harms you. What I specifically like about JustCBD is that they’re entirely
transparent about the quality of their products and have provided the lab
results online. To facilitate you with the test results, they have even got a
separate “Lab Reports” on their website. All you have to do is type in your
batch number, and it will provide you with the lab reports, viola!

I’ve never seen anyone so dedicated to the betterment of
human health, which is yet another reason why I was all hyped up to review
these JustCBD products. A slight research told me that the brand has also been
featured in a number of other magazines including What’s
Up? Media
, Pittsburgh,
and Paisley

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the actual review
because that is what you’ve all come here for.

JustCBD Vegan
Dragon Fruit Gummies
– 300mg

CBD is one of the most effective ways to put your body to
rest and feel more relaxed after a busy day at work. Whether you’ve traveled
all day, attended project meetings, or had to go out on a field trip, a minimal
intake of CBD would enable you to feel more relaxed and rested.

When I first opened the packaging, JustCBD Vegan Dragon
Fruit Gummies caught my attention due to its bright pink packaging. Apart from
the color, the packaging itself looked of a charming quality. Looking at the
bright pink pouch really made me keen to try out the actual product, and I
wondered how it would taste like.

I won’t lie; the Just CBD Vegan Dragon Fruit gummies looked
so attractive and tasty that I had to take 3 gummies at once so that I could
experience the immense juicy and sweet dragon fruit flavor. I just can’t tell
how the actual taste is, but it did have sweet, sour, and tangy hints. What I
mean is that it’s just a unique taste that I had never experienced, and I would
most definitely be taking more of the Dragon Fruit gummies.

The unique dragon fruit flavor is a blend of glucose syrup,
organic cane sugar, apple fruit juice, dragon fruit puree, water, pectin,
citric acid, tripotassium citrate, natural flavors, black carrot juice
concentrate (for color), carnauba wax, palm oil, coconut oil, hemp extract
cannabidiol (CBD).

A few minutes in and I actually felt a significant boost in
my moods, and I was more relaxed before going to bed. It has over 10 mg of CBD
per bear, which was more than enough to lower my stress, and significantly
improve my mood. Though it is also known to reduce anxiety and depression.
Moreover, the CBD intake varies depending on your body’s resistance to it. Make
sure you don’t get fooled by the unique flavor and take too many. But instead,
start small and gradually increase your dosage to find out how many gummies
would be enough to lower your stress.

Fun fact – if you take a few gummies prior to a business
meeting or a presentation, you will most definitely feel more focused on your
goals. Been there, done that. I’m telling this from my personal experience, and
honestly speaking, the raised energy levels and a relaxed state of mind
genuinely help.

The brand also offers a number of other vegan
flavors including Mixed
, Exotic Fruit, Mixed
, and Strawberry

Gummies Jar
– 750 mg

With a whopping 750 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) per jar, it is
by far the most commonly purchased JustCBD product. I wasn’t surprised when I
received this product, because the wide range of flavors and the 750 mg of CBD
per jar does attract many as I am quite particular about the
strength of CBD gummies

JustCBD Gummies
suits everyone’s needs because there are about 11 different flavors
with different shapes. Each of these 11 flavors is unique and entirely
different from one another. I received the sour worms CBD gummies, which I
absolutely loved from the very first serving. Besides, these are the coolest
looking gummies in all of the United States. What I absolutely love about the
JustCBD gummies is that these have a purity of about 99.99% – thus making these
entirely pure.

Moving forward to the actual review, the sour worms
have a distinct, colorful worm-like shape. But don’t worry, these aren’t worms.
These are your gateway to feeling relaxed and lowering your stress levels, no
matter what you’re going through. I had trouble choosing what color should I
pick first since each of them looked quite attractive and mouth-watering.

Anyway, I went ahead and picked three worms of different
colors to test these out. I instantly noticed hints of a beautiful sour and
sweet combo. The 750mg jar has approximately 12.5 mg of CBD per piece, and
since I took 3 pieces, I started feeling its effects within a few minutes.
Truth be told, I can’t get enough of the sour and sweet taste, and I would
consume them all in one sitting if it didn’t have CBD in it.

The sour-tasting worm-like CBD gummies are made from a rich
blend of ingredients to provide you with an experience unlike any other. These
include corn syrup (corn-based), sugar, water, gelatin, citric acid, natural
and artificial flavors, pectin (fruit-based). vegetable oil (coconut, canola)
and carnauba leaf wax, hemp extract cannabidiol (CBD).

If you’re wondering what does carnauba leaf wax has to do in
CBD gummies, allow me to explain. The primary reason for using carnauba leaf
wax in these gummies is to prevent them from sticking. Moreover, all of the
ingredients used in the making of these gummies are all-natural and have no
harmful effects whatsoever.

Whether you consume JustCBD CBD gummies prior to sleeping or
starting your day, you will end up with a relaxed state of mind, no matter
what. From my experience with the JustCBD gummies, I wouldn’t trade them with
any other form of CBD edibles. Moreover, I can say this with confidence that
you too, would have trouble switching to other brands once you try out JustCBD


JustCBD has one primary aim, which is to ensure you live a
healthy life. But how could a brand claim that? JustCBD uses all-natural
ingredients with a hemp extract CBD and a purity of 99.99%. After trying out
both the JustCBD Mixed Fruit Vegan Gummies pouch (300 mg) and CBD Gummies Jar
(750 mg), I was astonished by the delicious candy-like taste with induced CBD.
Moreover, what sets JustCBD apart from other brands is its long-lasting
effects. You will experience up to 8-hours CBD effects and will be focused and
more relaxed for a longer duration.