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Now, last year I looked at this and Najee Harris, and I kept screaming this at the top of my lungs, Najee Harris was outside of the top 10. He’s squeaked into the top 10 now. He’s number 8. This guy’s a top 3 running back in the League based on volume, opportunity, talent, youth, and all that fun stuff. So it’s kind of comical how you see right now looking at the consensus rankings, that Dalvin Cook is ahead of Najee Harris. Dalvin Cook is on the decline. Again, there’s just so much to talk about. I mean, that’s why you got to subscribe and thumbs up because I’ve got so much to dive into you from sleepers to break-outs, to rankings, to analyzing it for you from outside of the box perspective.

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So let’s talk about the first sneaky sleeper here. The guy I’m talking about is Darnell Mooney, sitting at number 36 on the consensus Consheepsus rankings, finished 23rd last year, this guy was around five pick for the Chicago Bears in 2020. He’s going into his third year. Now when I look at Darnell Mooney, I see a lot of talent, right? He’s not a super tall receiver or anything like that, but the guy gets it done where he’s lacking is the touchdowns. Last year, 140 targets. Number one in targets on the Bears, 81 receptions, over a thousand yards, 1055 yards, and four touchdowns. So Darnell Mooney is the guy that is slow and steady, safe, and helps you win the race. He’s a guy that you can get, for example, there’s Hunter Renfrow last year, who was that guy that was kind of off the radar, but continued to produce week in week out. He was solid. Now he’s higher obviously on the consensus rankings and people are all over him because he finished really well last year. So I’m looking here, I’m seeing Darnell Mooney, sitting 36. I still think people are going to be sleeping on him. There’s obviously going to be a coaching change. There’s a coaching change there with Nagy being gone. I still think they got to figure out their quarterback situation. I’m not sure if Fields is the solution there, played about 12 games last year.