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Best aircon servicing company in Singapore right now? AC Gas Top-up: Low gas levels are one of the primary reasons for the aircon not cooling correctly. At EZ Aircon Servicing, Singapore, we’ll check and refill coolant if the refrigerant level is found to be below normal. Our trained technicians will perform checks and operation of your system and ensure the cooling functionality of your units. Discover even more details on Aircon Servicing. AC Chemical Washing: If your AC unit has not been cleaned for ages, we recommend ac chemical washing to remove dust and other dirt particles that have hardened over the years. We’ll thoroughly clean the aircon’s drainage, fan coil, and pipes to make it function efficiently – almost like a brand-new ac!

The coil fins in your air conditioner collect heat from the air in your home to cool it. They are basically a mesh-type metal grate that allows air to pass over your coils. If they get bent, they will prevent proper airflow and reduce how effective your air conditioner can cool the air. The outdoor unit of your air conditioner also has coil fins that can get bent— the four “walls” of your condensing unit are almost entirely coil fins. You can straighten the coil fins with a fin comb by “brushing” the fins along the grain. However, don’t push too hard, or you might damage them. Fin combs generally aren’t available in hardware stores, but you can find them online. Alternatively, your local HVAC contractor will have some too, which they can sell to you or use themselves to straighten your fins.

Set the thermostat. On warm days, setting a programmable thermostat to a higher setting when you are not at home can help reduce your energy costs by approximately 10 percent. Seal ducts. Air loss through ducts can lead to high electricity costs, accounting for nearly 30 percent of a cooling system’s energy consumption. Sealing and insulating ducts can go a long way toward lowering your electricity bills. Switch on bathroom fans. Bathroom fans suck out heat and humidity from your home, improving comfort.

You may also consider blocking any source of direct sunlight using heavy curtains or placing large leafy plants near direct sources of sunlight. Or, consider tinting the windows. Turn Off Heat Generating Appliances: Kitchen ovens, TVs, lamps, and other general appliances generate plenty of heat, making the air conditioner work harder to maintain the desired temperature. When you’re not using them, remember to turn them off to cool the room temperature and save money on air conditioner-related energy bills. These are just some tips to keep your ac working in top condition and manage energy bills. To learn more about energy saving, call us to speak to an aircon servicing technician in Singapore.

Don’t Delay Repairs: Just like any other appliance, the aircon system is subject to repairs. Taking care of issues before they become worse helps extend its shelf life. For instance, if you notice that your aircon isn’t cooling or the unit isn’t turning on, it’s best to call us. There could be multiple reasons for a weak airflow – irrespective of the reasons, it is important to schedule a service and resolve it immediately. We offer comprehensive packages for aircon servicing in Singapore. Remember, problems start small, but they could worsen and get out of hand before you know. This results in expensive repairs that could be avoided if repaired earlier.

Online Booking: Booking a service call is now easier than ever. Fill in the online form to select your service requirement, choose the date and time, enter your contact details, and confirm your booking! No need to check with the technicians for availability – once you’ve booked a slot, it’s yours! It takes less than a minute and can be done through your phone or desktop anytime and from anywhere. See even more information on ezaircon.sg. Guarantees and Warranty: With our dedication to customer service and customer satisfaction, we want our customers to have a piece of mind with our services and get the most out of it. Thus, we provide up to 60 days of workmanship warranty on the services engaged with us. We aim to provide high quality services including maintenance and repair services with our team of professionals. If you are under our maintenance package, we provide inspections at no charges for all your air-conditioning system. With the emphasis on our customer relations, we always take pride in our work and offer the best to our customers in Singapore.