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Reliable solicitor London? Kush is the firm’s Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP) and Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA). He believes in delivering a top quality client experience and putting clients’ interests above all. These beliefs have shaped the ethos and culture of Birdi & Co Solicitors, hence our tagline “A Client-Centred Law Firm”. See more info at Birdi Law. We put our clients at the centre of our thinking. It is our mission to create an effortless experience and, in return, we hope to create clients for life.

Our unique selling point is that we understand what clients want from their lawyers. We will manage your transaction proactively, with careful attention to detail while never losing sight of the bigger picture. While working with us you will have access to our strong network of other professionals such as accountants, independent financial advisers and bankers. Management Buy-Out and Buy-In transactions often arise out of shareholder or board disputes but can also have a friendly and informal nature.

A share buyback is often (but not always) used during shareholder exits and is an effective way to extract cash from the company to realise the value of the shareholding or alternatively to return excess cash to a shareholder. Share buyback transactions can be highly tax-efficient but must comply with the strict provisions of Part 18 of the Companies Act 2006. Any breach of such provisions will result in the transaction being void which means it will be treated as it never happened i.e., the seller will be treated as if they continue to own the shares and the payment for the shares is liable to be returned to the company (which the company might find it difficult to recover). In addition, every officer of the company will commit a criminal offence. In other words, getting things wrong can have serious adverse legal and tax implications. Discover more info on

A key advantage of speaking to a specialist firm of solicitors, such as Birdi & Co Solicitors, is that we understand how fundraising transactions are supposed to be structured and we can offer guidance as to your options and the most effective way to structure your offering. In particular, we are aware of the legal issues that will be considered by your investors which enables us to address any gaps or concerns well in advance of presenting to your investors. The expertise we can bring to your company is invaluable.

As your legal advisors, we will discuss the legal merits and a costs-benefit analysis of your case. We will also advise on how we think the dispute can be settled, including tactical moves to put pressure on your opponent to settle the dispute. So, how can you try to resolve a dispute outside of the courts? Well, here are some popular methods: Negotiation – trying to agree terms of settlement with your opponent by way of “off the record” correspondence and contractual negotiations. Mediation – a neutral third party is brought in to facilitate a settlement at a meeting or series or meetings. Expert Determination – the parties agree to be bound by the opinion of a chosen professional expert.