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High quality handmade products shopping online Australia today? The use of Camphor Laurel timber is our step towards making the planet a better place to live for our forthcoming generations. Ecologists also encourage the logging of Camphor trees because of their pestilent nature. Help us maintain our ecosystem by buying our products. How are Stonewood Collections eco-friendly? If you want to contribute to a better environment, Stonewood Collections is the right place for you. We are running an eco-friendly business as we hand make all our cutting boards from eco-friendly timber, Camphor Laurel. You will be becoming part of something good upon buying our products. Discover extra information at serve wares online store Australia.

Camphor Laurel was introduced to Australia in the early 1800’s as an ornamental shade tree and many large old specimens can still be seen in parks and reserves throughout Australia but particularly in the Eastern states. Another species of Camphor Laurel was introduced in the mid 1800’s and the hybrid cross that resulted is the rather straggly and thin, invasive tree that is rampant in Northern NSW and Queensland. Camphor Laurel invades habitats where land has been cleared, has a strong competitive advantage over native vegetation and is toxic to many native fauna. As a result it has been declared a noxious weed in many parts of NSW and Queensland by the departments of Primary Industry.

Handmade homeware woodworking, whether thrown on the wheel or built by hand, retains the texture of the clay even when it is glazed. Depending on the design, you can sometimes feel some gritty bits of the earthy clay under your fingers and thumbs when you touch it, which somehow creates the connection between you, the earth, and the product. Sometimes, you can still see where the item has been removed from the wheel and it retains the gorgeous rhythmic lines as a reminder of its handcrafted nature, and of the maker behind it. It feels weighty, which automatically conveys quality and, if we’re talking about a stylish handmade homeware woodworking mug, warm and full in your hands which conjures up a feeling of cosiness and comfort.

As well as having a beautiful look and feel, there are a number of other health and environmental benefits to using Camphor Laurel boards when preparing and presenting food. A study that looked at the total numbers of micro-organisms found on the surface of cutting boards made from various materials showed that glass boards had over 3 times the number of micro-organisms compared to Camphor boards whilst plastic boards had over 4 times as many microbes on the cutting surface.

Does Stonewood Collections offer custom products? Yes we do! Email us your requirements and one of our friendly staff will get in contact with you and provide you with the quote for your custom product. We aim to provide the best possible pricing for our customers through our affordable products. Find additional info at stonewoodcollections.com.au.