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Because of the very small friction resistance, ball screw bearing is widely used in all kinds of industrial equipment and precision instruments. Ball screw pair in order to adapt to a variety of purposes, provides a standardized a wide variety of products.The ball circulation way of circular tube type, circulator, end cover.Preloading method with positioning preloading (double nut method, preloading method), constant pressure preloading.Choose the proper type according to the purpose.Screw with high precision grinding processing precision ball screw (accuracy is divided into 7 grade from CO – C10) and after high precision cold rolling forming of the cold rolled ball screw bearing (accuracy is divided into from C – 3 levels of C10, only a few can do it).In addition, to meet users are in urgent need of delivery, and has been carried out on the shaft end processing of finished product, freely on shaft end after processing of semi-finished products and cold rolled ball screw bearing.

At the same time, the oil film also has a certain vibration absorbing ability.Add the lubricating oil, however, one of the biggest disadvantage is need good sealing performance, otherwise it will leak, and some have special requirements equipment lubricating oil leakage is not permitted, so people with other lubrication material to replace the lubricating oil, the invention bearing without oil, make it not only possesses the advantages of containing oil bearing, at the same time to eliminate the environmental pollution caused by leakage.

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Deep groove ball bearing is the most representative of the rolling bearing, widely used. Suitable for high speed and high speed running, and very durable, need not often maintenance. These bearing small friction coefficient, high limit speed, simple structure, low manufacture cost, easy to achieve high manufacture precision. Angular contact ball bearing can bear redial load and axial load at the same time. Can work under high speed. The larger the contact Angle, the higher the axial bearing capacity. High speed precision angular contact ball bearing, mainly used for high speed rotating load lighter, bearings and high precision, high speed, low temperature rise, low vibration and service life. Often for high speed motorized spindle bearing parts installed in pairs, is the key to the high-speed motorized spindle surface grinding machine fittings.

The effort pays off. With the success of the first self-lubricating bearing, China’s self-lubricating bearing technology is becoming more and more perfect, and the service life is getting longer and longer. Since its development, the service life of self-lubricating bearings produced in China has reached more than 300 hours, ranking among the top in the world. Longxi has passed the most rigorous A-standard bearing certification of the NAVAIR laboratory, the most authoritative experimental organization in the field of self-lubricating bearings, and is the only Chinese bearing company that has obtained its certification so far.

For pure radial load, deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings can be selected. For pure axial load, thrust ball bearings and thrust cylindrical roller bearings can be selected. When there is radial load and axial load (combined load), angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings are generally used. If the radial load is large and the axial load is small, deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings with ribs on the inner and outer rings can be selected. If there are large shaft or housing deformation and poor installation alignment, self-aligning ball bearings and spherical roller bearings can be selected. If the axial load is large and the radial load is small, thrust angular contact ball bearings can be selected. If the four-point contact ball bearing still requires self-aligning performance, thrust spherical roller bearings can be selected.