Best real estate investment services Limassol, Cyprus

Property investments experts Limassol, Cyprus 2024: Thousands of properties – Today in our portfolio we have 9,000 properties. We offer a wide variety of projects – already built or under construction, plots of land with or without a construction contract, investment projects. We are one of the major players in the construction industry in Cyprus. The Alliance’s properties are located all over the island – in coastal cities (Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca) and their suburbs, in popular resorts (Protaras, Ayia Napa, Polis, Pissouri), in the center of the island (Nicosia). Our developments embrace the entire price range of the real estate market, from low-cost single-bedroom apartments to luxury multi-million apartments and villas. Discover even more details at villas for sale in Cyprus.

On your arrival you will meet one of directors or a manager of the Alliance. In course of communication your requirements will become more specific and will be more thoroughly discussed and opinions will be exchanged. Then the sales managers will show you those properties that have been discussed at previous stages. As a result of site visits you will meet our directors in order to summarize the impressions of the visits and outline a plan of further activities. Surely, sometimes our clients happen to find a house or an apartment they have long dreamed of on the pages of our web site. Then it would come to nothing more than viewing that property. Anyway once you finally fix upon this or that property(ies) and say: “This is it! I am buying this!” we will proceed to transaction execution.

Types of Immovable Property Ownership – Sequence of operations in the course of effecting a sales transaction is described on page “Buying property”. It shows that there are several immovable property ownership statuses in Cyprus. Here is more detailed description. There are only three statuses of the kind. Immovable Property Owner – Once a contract of sale for a property is signed and at least 30% of its amount paid, the contract is deposited at a public agency – Land District Office. As a result you become property Owner.

Despite the fact that foreigners have virtually a feel of being almost at home in hospitable Cyprus, one always wants to get a recommendation in matters like looking for a good doctor or a lawyer. All the more so that advertising of legal services is against the Law in Cyprus. In case you apply to us with a similar request we are willing to reference a law office, the competent and professional work of which we are well familiar with. We can also suggest that you observe recommendations by British High Commission (Consular Department of the British Embassy to Cyprus). Please, follow the link to contact them. Then you can download a list of lawyers* in various cities of Cyprus. You certainly have a perfect right to apply to any other lawyer or law office.

To obtain a mortgage one is required to have life insurance (for the amount and period of the mortgage credit). The purchased property shall be insured as well. The normal period within which a bank makes a decision on issuing a credit comprises 1-2 months upon receipt of all the required documents. Generally accepted standard practice in Cyprus assumes 12-month warranty period for your immovable property provided from the time of property delivery that is from the time when you receive a key of your apartment, townhouse or house.

What is Cyprus phenomenon? Why has this relatively small island become a favourite holiday and permanent residence place for a great number of foreigners from all over the world? Let us make a short list of Cyprus advantages. Wonderful climate and a healthy environment – We have lately asked one of our clients why he chose Cyprus in particular? His answer was brief – “because Cyprus is the only European country where one can bathe in the sea in November”. There are moreover 320 sunny days a year in Cyprus. At the same time there are mountains in Cyprus with snow cover in winter and with 4 ski lifts installed for skiers. Read extra information on CDA group.