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Glass bongs manufacturer today? A good glass bongs manufacturer usually makes bongs with borosilicate glass offering more durability, so even when you accidentally crash pieces together, the chances are less of breaking the bong. Although many smokers start with regular bongs because of their pros, there are some cons to consider. You may find a wide variety of products and designs for better aesthetics, but the pros and cons stay the same, making the difference between bongs and bubblers. There may not seem to be a lot of differences between bongs and bubblers because their work is the same. However, when we dig deep into these two, some significant differences can make or break your experience. We hope this comparison has helped you decide between these two. Find extra details on custom water bong.

As you keep using your bong, there will be a slow resin buildup inside it. This resin builds up inside the glass and sticks to it. Not only does it make the bong look less appealing, but the taste may also be affected. Eventually, your bong will get so dirty that it will become useless, which makes your glass bong cleaning necessary. While alcohol is a common item used for cleaning bongs, this guide is for you if you do not want to use it. Here is all you need to know about glass bong cleaning without alcohol.

Lung capacity is another factor in determining the right glass bongs’ size for you. Whether you prefer enjoying smaller hits or a first-timer, a small-to-medium glass bong size would be preferable for you. However, the opposite is applied to experienced stoners. Important note: Large bongs have a greater risk of breaking and falling during movement. Therefore, small to medium-sized glass bongs are always best to consider. Know the accessories available with glass bongs: A variety of accessories are available out there to purchase. These accessories are generally suitable to alter the smoke quality before inhaling. So, you must also know the compatible accessories available for your chosen glass bongs.

Glass bongs are usually made with borosilicate glass that does not break accidentally. However, some accidents are strong enough to break it, and considering glass bongs are expensive; you may not want to invest in another one. Fixing the bong is still an option, and here we will discuss everything you need to know about fixing your glass bong. Here are all the important things to consider with the steps to follow for fixing your glass bong. You can know if it is in repairable condition or not. No matter how careful you are, sometimes accidents happen, and in the case of your bong, it will not be a cheap accident. However, if the bong is still intact, you might be able to fix it. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of fixing the broken or buying a new one, try making a temporary homemade bong.

Determine the right size of glass bongs: Before investing in any glass bongs, determine your plans for using them. Whether you want to use it at home or prefer enjoying it during outdoor recreational activities. Understanding this factor will let you identify the size of glass bongs that are more suitable for you. Smaller bongs are ideal to use for the on-the-go. On the other hand, large bongs are ideal to use at home. Additionally, these are also suitable for modifications.

You can use different cleaning solutions for this. For example, baking soda and vinegar, rubbing alcohol and salt, salt and vinegar, or a specialized glass bong cleaning solution. Use these and thoroughly clean your glass bong to keep it in the best possible condition. Change water after every vaping session. Keeping the water in your bong for longer can make it grow bacteria and mold. Inhaling bacteria and mold with vaping can be dangerous to your health. At the same time, molded glass bong looks awful. Discover even more details on